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TFC welcomes Syrian refugee, CBC, 29 September 2016
Toronto FC regains top spot in East with 0-0 draw against Orlando city, CP24, 28 September 2016
Toronto FC ties Orlando City to regain top spot in East but drops points at home, Metro News, 28 September 2016
Toronto FC ties Orlando City to regain top spot in East but drops points at home, Vancouver sun, 28 September 2016
Toronto FC welcome Syrian newcomers with match tickets, training session, MLS soccer, 27 September 2016
Arab Canadian community to welcome next wave of Syrian refugees, Radio Canada International, 26 January 2015
How Alan Kurdi's tragic death changed thousands of lives ,Toronto Star, 1 September 2016
The backlash against the Arabic monthly Al Saraha is growing after it ran a piece questioning the Holocaust ,Ifpress,22 July 2016.
Halifax police could drop term 'Middle Eastern' when describing suspects,Toronto Star,20 July 2016.

Discussing the Canadian Arab affairs with Raja Khouri, President of the Canadian Arab Institute , Calgary Arabic Red FM 106.7, 28 May 2016. 
Arabs in Canada are demanding the government speed up the reception 25 thousand Syrian refugees: Huffington Post Arabic, 8 November 2015
Getting First-Time Voters to the Polls: New Canadian Media, 30 September 2015

Courting ethnic vote fraught with pitfalls, but parties still do it: Yahoo News Canada, 18 August 2015

Akad Newspaper attends a discussion panel for Arab voters in Mississauga: Akad, 02 July 2015

Video: Toronto opera singer records first Arabic ‘O Canada’: Metro, 25 June 2015

Military Victory over ISIS will be Fleeting: Mideast ScholarNew Canadian Media, 06 November 2014

Treat all Canadian citizens equally under the law: The Globe and Mail, 10 June 2014

Globe and Mail editorial cites CAI's policy brief on Bill C-24. The Need to Protect Rule of Law: A Response to Bill C-24 was prepared for CAI by Andrew Thompson. Read the full brief HERE.

Foreign issues are local in globalized Toronto: Siddiqui, Toronto Star, 5 December 2013 

Bill Graham, former Liberal foreign minister, said the Arab Institute is badly needed amid growing anti-Arab/Muslim sentiment in Canada, especially Quebec, and also to connect Canada to the Arab world of 220 million.

Party Photos of the Week: Canadian Arab Gala. The Globe and Mail, 14 November 2013

Who are the real free-speech warriors?: Salutin. Toronto Star, 12 November 2013

The most painful case I know is Canadian Muslims, especially Arabs, responding to how they’ve been derisively portrayed for decades in major media, with few chances to respond on their own behalf.

A New Conversation gala. Al Watan, 7-8 November 2013
Your city: Canadian Arab Institute Inaugural Gala. Toronto Star (Photo gallery), 1 November 2013 

Rethink this charter, s’il vous plaît. The Globe and Mail (penned by CAI president Raja Khouri), 30 October 2013

We believe in a secular society, too. But we don’t see secularism as a rigid ideology, imposing shackles of the type from which Quebec liberated itself during the Quiet Revolution. 

Canadian Arab think-tank launches ‘new conversation’ at gala. Metro, 28 October 2013
The theme is “a new conversation.” Khouri said conflicts and extremism have dominated the conversation about Canadian Arabs and led to stereotypes ...
Hospital coms leader heads up Arab institute. Welland Tribune, 28 October 2013
"The charter tell us we are all equal, we're pretty cool with diversity and we're all in this together. And that is really where I am coming from."

A new conversation with Arab-Canadians. Hamilton Spectator, 26 October 2013 

The Hamilton resident has been named the first non-Arab chair of the Canadian Arab Institute and has quickly jumped into his role in helping create a better ...