Vision, mission, objectives

Our vision is for an empowered and engaged community in an inclusive and respectful society.

Our mission is to promote Canadian interests by researching and articulating the perspective and potential of Canadian Arabs and advancing their contributions to society. 

CAI’s primary objectives are :


CAI conducts studies and produces research-based public policy papers that provide insight and recommendations for the benefit of policy makers, service providers, the media and civil society.  Our interests include the social, economic, political, cultural and civic spheres.


Part of our work aims to educate Canadians about Canadian Arab culture, heritage, and contributions to society.  We produce publications, panels, conferences and a lecture series, providing perspective on Canadian domestic and international interests. 

 Community engagement 

As part of the contributions of Canadian Arabs we engage in activities that both draw on existing and cultivate emerging intellectual and professional talent of the community. This includes professional development conferences, internships, mentorships, and initiatives that highlight role models such as the Canadian Arabs to Watch program.