Youth Professional Development Conference 2014

Build your career, networks, future potential --- and be part of a community!

Small, Professional Steps for a Better, Bigger Tomorrow 

The Canadian Arab institute successfully held its Second Annual Professional Development Conference for Canadian Arab Youth on September 27th, with over 200 participants and 40 panellists, spread over 12 panels that focused on careers in various fields such as Politics and the Public Sector, Arts, Civil Society, Media and Communication, Engineering, Law, and Entrepreneurship.
The day started with CAI’s president and co-founder Raja Khouri’s welcoming speech, followed by some hopeful and practical advice from Dalal Al-Waheidi on starting out. The participants then dispersed, attending any of the 12 panels throughout the day. Each panel started with a conversation with the panellists, and was later followed by a Q&A session.
Lunch break was quite busy with people exchanging ideas, backgrounds, names, and business cards. Both official and custom-made cards. Yes, there were blank business cards for attendees to write their names and profession on them, courtesy of the Canadian Arab Institute.
The day ended with the young members of the Arab Development Initiative (ADI) sharing their (on-going) story of the highs and lows of founding and maintaining an organization, insisting that it is their passion for the cause, respect for each other, and the open, non-hierarchical communication between them that keeps them, and the organization, going. They also welcomed anyone with new ideas and initiatives, encouraging them to get on board with any vision that could help create a better Arab world.

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