Speak Smart Training Course

CAI #YallaDevelop Series

    • How to Present, Propose & Convince

      This full-day training course focuses on giving participants the skills to structure and effectively present one’s ideas while practicing body language and tackling nervousness from speaking in public (to one person, or to small or large groups).

      The course will offer participants the opportunity to:

      • Effectively structure one's ideas and speech content
      • Practice presenting and speaking in public
      • Gain skills for tackling nervousness associated with speaking to a public
      • Utilize good practices of body language, audience analysis and the use of examples


      Keywords: Audience analysis, structuring ideas, the flight of a speech, body language, controlling nervousness, presentation, teamwork, raising confidence, self-improvement, self-empowerment, speaking effectively, presenting oneself, debating, leadership, hints & tips”

      Audience: Students, graduates, entrepreneurs, professionals, candidates or potential candidates for public office


      Delivered by: Moe Rai

During his years of training, Rai had the chance to develop communities through youth and adult training and coaching.  Moe collaborated with several international education centres and NGO’s such as Junior Chamber International and the United Nations.