The Arabic of the Opera 

 Sung by Miriam Khalil

December 4th, Koerner Hall is where you’ll meet Miriam Khalil, one of the Divas who will adorn the stage with her beautiful voice during the upcoming Sultans and Divas concert.
She will be bringing Fairuz melodies, love stories, and marriages, along with a little bit of heartbreak and a little bit of comedy - La Boheme and The Marriage of Figaro are a couple of names that could come up.
Both are operas, and both adopt the art of good storytelling. You might want to read about them prior to the concert, engage in the ups and downs of the plot and hear it happen on stage. But you might also want to not read it, and rather guess where the plot thickens, where the hero dies, or gets a new dress, based on Miriam’s trills and gestures.
Described as a “lush lyric with spinto overtones”, Miriam’s voice got its first training during childhood while singing with the church choir, which was followed by a more formal education of classical music, as well as music therapy.
But it was the first opera she attended that set the current track she’s on. She attended it as a performer, not as a member of the audience. She was performing it on stage when she got hooked – the drama, the singing, the visual art and set design – she couldn’t not do it again. And she couldn’t do anything else.
Nothing else besides singing, that is.
Because she loves singing in Arabic too. Transforming western lyrics into Arabic ones, singing Arabic words to Western tunes. Which she’ll also do at the concert. Fairuz songs come to mind, naturally.
So, if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, think of the centuries-old stories that will be told in cheerful scales and melancholic tones, mixed with the uniqueness of Fairuz sung under a canoes-covered canopy – and reconsider.

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