Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of leading experts in government, academia, business and policy making. They provide invaluable perspective on relevant issues and help support CAI's mission. Appointments to the board are made on an ongoing basis.


Mamdouh Shoukri

Mamdouh Shoukri is the President of York University and a former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Vice-President Research & International Affairsat McMaster University in Hamilton. He serves on the Board of Directors of a number of organizations, including Cancer Care Ontario and the Canadian Merit Scholarship Association.


Ferry de Kerckhove

Ferry de Kerckhove is a former Canadian ambassador to Egypt and Indonesia and High Commissioner of Canada to Pakistan. He is a member of the board at Conference of Defense Associations Institute and Fellow of the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute. He has served as Prime Minister Harper's personal representative for Francophonie. His expertise stems from over four decades of international relations experience. 


Errol Mendes

Errol Mendes is a law professor at the Univeristy of Ottawa, author, and advisor to governments, NGOs, corporations and the United Nations.  Professor Mendes has taught, researched, consulted and published extensively in the area of Global Governance, International Business Law and Ethics, International Arbitration, Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law. He is the author or co-editor of five books and has served as an advisor on the Global Compact initiative of the Secretary General of the United Nations.


James Zogby

James Zogby is the founder and President of the Arab American Institute, a research and policy organization which serves as the political and policy research arm of the Arab American community. He is the author of Arab Voices as well as a number of other books and publications, including: Looking at Iran, What Ethnic Americans Really Think, and What Arabs Think: Values, Beliefs and Concerns. He is the Managing Director of Zogby Research Services which specializes in public opinion polls in the Middle East.


John Monahan

John Monahan is the Executive Director of the Mosaic Institute, a Toronto-based foreign policy “think and do” tank that engages young Canadians from diverse ethnocultural communities in the promotion of peace in regions of the world beset by entrenched conflict. Previously he practiced law, served as Ontario’s Senior Economic Officer in New York, and led the expansion of the Province of Ontario’s global network of trade and representation offices for the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.


Hoda ElMaraghy

Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy is an engineering professor at the University of Windsor, where she became Canada’s first female dean of engineering. She has published more than 380 papers in scientific and professional journals and conferences, edited 3 books and contributed to over a dozen others. She acts as a consultant to many government and corporate organizations in countries all over the world.


Bill Graham

Bill Graham is a former Canadian politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Defence and Leader of the Opposition and interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Prior to entering politics, he was a professor of international law at the University of Toronto, where he later received the Distinguished Alumnus Award for his exemplary career in academia and public leadership. 


Tyseer Aboulnasr

Dr. Aboulnasr was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at University of Ottawa from 1998–2004 and  chaired the Council of Ontario Deans of Engineering from 2001–2002. She became Dean of Applied Sciences at the University of British Columbia until she resigned in 2011. She was the second female Dean of Engineering. Dr. Aboulnasr received the Ottawa-Carleton YWCA Women of Distinction Award (Education) and was elected Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. She has also been named one of the 100 most influential people in Ottawa. She received her highest honour though in 2005, when she was named a recipient of the Order of Ontario.


Jamelie Hassan

Jamelie Hassan is a Canadian-born visual artist, writer, lecturer and activist. Her artwork, influenced by her Lebanese background and her travels, explores issues of identity, cultural displacement, social activism and political conflict. She is the founder of two artist-run centres in London, Ontario, the Forest City Gallery and the Embassy Cultural House. In 2001, she was awarded the Governor General’s Award 

Alexa McDonough

Alexa McDonough

Alexa McDonough, an elected leader of the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party since 1980, was the only New Democrat and only woman in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly until 1984. Predominantly, McDonough served as the Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada from 1995-2003, and was elected as an MP in 1997, 2004 and 2006. She earned a reputation as a tenacious social worker, by campaigning for worker health and safety improvements and human rights protections. McDonough was also at the forefront of the fight to save Medicare, the Canada Pension Plan and Canada’s unemployment insurance system.


Tina Tehranchian

Tina Tehranchian, MA, CFP, CLU, CHFC is a senior financial planner and branch manager at Assante Capital Management Ltd. in Richmond Hill and a planned giving consultant at Donor Motivation Program.  Tina is a Fellow of FPSCTM and is widely featured in the national media as a financial planning expert based on her experience in this field since 1991. She currently serves as a trustee of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and a director of the Fort York Foundation and is the chair of the board of MENA Arts Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to foster unity and cross-cultural understanding among communities in the Middle East, North Africa, and the world at large through the arts. She also served as a member of the Planned Giving Advisory Committee of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for over 10 years.


Mona Nemer 

Mona Nemer is the Vice-President, Research at the University of Ottawa, Canada where she is also a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the Laboratory of Cardiac Development and Differentiation. Dr. Nemer’s research interests focus on heart formation and function, particularly on the mechanisms of heart failure and congenital heart diseases. In addition to her scientific achievements, Mona Nemer has demonstrated a strong commitment to the education of the next generation through her supervision of over 100 students from various countries as well as her contributions to numerous community services including high level national and international advisory committees and executive boards.