Canadian Arab to Watch 2014

Dr. Samah El-Tantawy’s ground-breaking PhD dissertation suggested a smarter design for traffic lights, one that would reduce delays by up to 40 per cent and travel times by up to 26 per cent. A four-wheeled dream in the making! The traffic jams in Egypt and across the Middle East had a major role in inspiring her thesis, she asserts.



Dr. Kamal Al-Solaylee was featured next in January 2014 for his impact on the field of journalism and literature. His personal story of battling stereotypes was not only published in his memoir, but is also lived in his personal life, insisting on personal and collective agency in battling stereotypes, both political and gendered. 




Julie Nesrallah was featured for her highly acclaimed musical talent and passion for singing. She, too, breaks stereotypes, the classical opera singer one, at least. She takes opera to a variety of “un-classical” venues, and has a blast while she’s at it. Canada’s top publications have described her work as inspired, riveting, and infectious. 




Dalal Al-Waheidi was listed as one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women and is creating projects on the go for the betterment of young people’s environment and education. She’s an outspoken advocate of women’s right to education, and a better lifestyle in general.




Rahaf Harfoush wrote The Decoded Company, described by World Economic Founder as a management toolkit for the future. In it Rahaf suggests ways to enhance the employees’ experience and personalize it at the workspace.




Christopher Achkar’s feature explains how he’s simplifying law to those who haven’t studied it. He co-founded the Beyond Reasonable Doubt community to in order to raise their legal awareness and match them with the right legal representation, making the process an accessible one. 




Mariam Hamaoui co-founded RefugeAid, without much experience, but certainly with love. Through RefugeAid she fundraises money to send humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees and tracks trends affecting all other refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers across the globe. 




Dr. Farouk Chebib, one of the first Arab immigrants in Manitoba, recently founded the Canadian Federation of Bridge-Builders, where he encourages students to use their time and creativity to build multicultural bridges, rewarding them for it with graduation honorariums. 


Lina Duque is a thought leader in her field, and a highly driven professional at it. Social media strategy is her focus and personal branding, among others, is what senior executives and entrepreneurs seek her advice about and read her articles for.


Dr. Ehab Abouheif recently discovered a 35-million-year-old locked-in ancestral potential in Pheidole ants. Thanks to his discovery, we now know that ants, and presumably other beings too, are capable of retrieving their dormant features. A major milestone for evolutionary science and for possible cancer research too. 




Tahani Aburaneh’s resilience and willpower have driven her to become the real estate expert that she is today, focusing on its human aspect and personalizing it. She teaches her experience in courses and speaks of it in public, both nation-wide both nation-wide and abroad.




Loutfi Mouaket trades stocks in the market and punches in the boxing rink. Aside from his work, where he excels, he boxes for charity, each year using his boxing gloves to fundraise for the Nazareth House – a transitional healing space for women and their children.