Loutfi Mouaket

for his many pursuits

Trading, Boxing, and Playing for Collective and Personal Wellbeing

Following a stream of news, analysing it, and making instantaneous decisions based on that knowledge and your raw intuition might not be too common of a dream job, but to Loutfi Mouaket, it’s just what he loves doing.
To him, the excitement of being a trader doesn’t only come from its fast-paced environment, but also from its being a meritocracy. That is, your background doesn’t factor in as much as your performance – your ability to learn dynamically and apply your knowledge to the job matters as much, if not more than your educational or professional background.
And yes, while that does mean the constant attachment to news and screens, to Loutfi, the upside is the reward you receive the next day, when you find out your analysis of the market was accurate.
The rewards don’t all come to Loutfi from trading, however. Charity is another field he finds very rewarding. So much so that he fights for it. In the literal sense, that is.
Ever since 2009, Loutfi has been involved in a charity event called Fight for Independence, where an annual boxing event is held to raise funds for Sick Kids hospital and the Nazareth House, a transitional, supportive, and stable home for women of all walks and circumstances of life who need help turning their lives around.
He enjoys the event for what it is as much as its aftermath (yes, despite all those injuries). For as the Nazareth House is not eligible for government funding, and as it needs as much financial support as possible, Loutfi’s wish to keep it and its vision sustained, as both a board member and a boxer, remains sustained as well.
And when he’s not trading, boxing, or meeting with clients, Loutfi’s energy and enthusiasm are redirected to the arts. In his free time, if it so happens to present itself, he enjoys photography, travelling, and playing the piano. Classical pieces, mostly. And when he’s not playing Chopin, he deejays, reading the dance floor, and hoping his choice of the next track is as accurate as possible.