Campus Ambassador Program (CAP)

Youth development & engagement

One of the institute's critical areas of focus is Canadian Arab Youth Development. The Campus Ambassador initiative addresses this particular area of focus. We are engaging Canadian Arab campus ambassadors from universities across the country to represent CAI on campus, and represent the campus at CAI. The campus ambassador is the voice of CAI on his/her campus. By engaging with students and faculty, he/she will represent and promote CAI’s mandate, events, and activities. Understanding the culture of each campus is important to us, as we aim to ensure the requirements of Arab-based student associations are understood, and CAI’s initiatives are suitably aligned. This position will have the campus ambassador networking with many people, on campus primarily, but also off-campus as he/she joins CAI’s events and activities.

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CAP 2016-17

CAI Campus Ambassadors

Accepting applications for 2016-17

CAP 2015-16

Meet our 2015-16 Ambassadors