CAP 2016-17

CAI Campus Ambassadors

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Baraa Abuzayed

Sahar El-Kotob - Youth Coordinator

Sahar has a bachelor degree in psychology from Western University. Currently, she works as CAI’s Project Coordinator Intern and is this year’s Youth Coordinator for the Campus Ambassador program. Sahar hopes to inspire the diverse group of campus ambassadors to become active leaders on their respective campuses and communities.  Sahar describes her self as a baker by night and loves to go on photography adventures in her spare time capturing the beautiful city of Toronto.

Ahmed Alrami - Western 

Ahmed is a Medical Science student in his second year at the University of Western Ontario. He's an active student on campus, on the exec team of different clubs, and has experience with working with non-profit organizations. As a full time undergraduate student, Ahmed strives to use his free time effectively, where he volunteers at various communities in his area to help the community. He loves to go swimming  and play basketball when he has the opportunity too.

Baraa Abuzayed - Western

Baraa is a second year student at Western University, completing an honors specialization in Global Development and a minor in French. She is Western's Arab Students' Association's VP of events. Baraa is a dedicated individual and  loves to volunteer in my community. She enjoys camping and hiking, and the only sport she can play or think that she is good at is badminton! Baraa is highly ambitious and she has a passion to work in the international humanitarian field, as well as in law and human rights. 

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Mariam Momani

Heba Ali - Carleton University

Heba is studying a bachelor in Business Law Honours; she plans on going to Law School once she has completed her undergrad. Heba is the President of the Iraqi Student Association of Ottawa and a member of the Arab Council. She is a resourceful, hardworking, honest young lady who strives on making sure everything is completed to perfection and presented in the proper manner. She is an active volunteer in the community. In her spare time, Heba usually loves to go on mini adventures in the city or countryside, and when time permits travel and discover new places.

Mariam Elzieny - York University

Mariam is an undergraduate student ​at York University majoring in Political Science and Cognitive Science. Born in Egypt, and a resident of various countries in the Middle East including UAE, Qatar and Turkey.  Mariam is a bilingual speaker of Arabic and English, and is currently volunteering as a translator in AMPD Syrian Refugees Sponsorship team at York University. 

Mariam Momani - York University

Mariam is currently completing her Honours Bachelor in Media And Cinema Studies at York University. She is also a part of the Arab Student Association (ASA) as an Event Director. Mariam is actively involved  in the field of media as her dream is to host a talk show of her own; discussing social issues and conflicts of different communicates.



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Sara Asalya: (Ryerson University)

Sara has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature.

Currently, she is a Continuing Education student at Ryerson University taking a certificate in Community Engagement, Leadership and Development and another one in Immigration and Settlement Studies. She is an elected director at the Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson and the Founder and President of Newcomer Student’ Association of Ryerson. Sara has a passion for social justice with a special focus in immigrants and refuges rights’ in just and equitable opportunities in the community. Sara is planning to apply for Immigration and Settlement graduate program next year.  Finally, Sara has over six years of experience in non-for profit organizations with a specialty in community engagement & outreach, community organizing, campaigns and advocacy.

Maya Chmaissany (Windsor university)

 Maya is a fourth-year student at the University of Windsor studying Communication, Media and Film as well as Arab Studies. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in Communication and Social Justice, primarily researching the impacts of media representation on Arab identity. She has a goal of increasing opportunities for Canadian Arabs within her community, which includes expanding the Arab Studies program at her university and eventually working to start a Canadian Arab community centre. She is the current President of 'Project Syria' on her campus, which works to aid Syrian refugees, and is the social media coordinator for various clubs. She also enjoys many creative activities including painting and drawing, film and digital photography, and zine-making.

Aman Ghawanmeh (Windsor University)

Aman is majoring in English Literature and Communation, Media, and Film at the University of Windsor. Aman is also the president of the Middle Eastern Student Association. Aman has worked with various student organizations as well as various non-profits. She believes in the importance of involvement in Canadian-Arab communities and the responsibility that Canadian-Arabs have in spreading cultural awareness.



Shahd Al Ashry (University of Toronto Mississauga)

 Shahd is a second year student at UoFT, doing a double major in Economics and media (ICCIT) and a minor in Psychology. She is Egyptian, but lived most of her life in Dubai visiting Egypt in the summers.

Regardless of the different cultures Shahd interacted with, whether in Canada or Dubai, she was always fond and in touch with her Arabic culture, traditions, and history. She was always excited to talk and share her rich culture and history with other people especially from different cultures. She took an extra Arabic history and Islamic arts course in Dubai to be able to know more about it. In university, Shahd helps out the Arab associations on campus like the Middle Eastern and Egyptian association especially during cultural events that help share the traditions and get Canadian Arabs back in touch with their homes.

For Shahd, joining CAI was a great opportunity to support the Arabic community in Canada and will also help support the Canadian Arab community and share its beautiful traditions and strong connections.

Finally, Shahd does not have a set plan for herself after graduation yet, but she wants to make sure she enjoys and loves whatever she does.