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Project Mujtama Fellowship Program


The Canadian Arab Institute (CAI) and the Arab Community Centre of Toronto (ACCT) announce the Project Mujtama Fellowship Program.

The Project Mujtama Fellowship is a program for young and enthusiastic community organizers and researchers, looking to contribute to the CAI mission of articulating the perspective and potential of Canadian Arabs and advancing their contributions to society. The fellowship is an opportunity to take part in key projects that the CAI and ACCT have partnered on, to help educate the newcomer Arab community on Access, Equity and Human Rights, promote volunteerism and civic engagement among seniors, youth and newcomers.   The concept of the program is to promote inclusion, encourage engagement and articulate community aspirations and contributions.  This year we seek to create fellowship work teams who have a passion for community development, team work and who are looking to innovate and gain experience in their study or professional field.

The Mujtama Project Fellowship is a six-month program aimed at youth, senior and newcomer engagement.  We’re looking for fellows with an Arab background, who want to raise the bar in research, social engagement and community development.

 Fellowship opportunities

Research Fellows

Research Fellows develop and engage in high quality, impactful research projects, that fall within the project research agenda (below), address community gaps and needs assessments and articulate the stories and contributions of the Arab community in Canada.  The project Fellows will be expected to work with a project team and other community organizers and leaders to deliver on specific project requirements include research reports, educational tool-kits and videos. 

Community Engagement Coordinators

The Community Engagement Coordinator performs responsible administrative work in providing strategies, planning, facilitation, and organization of various community workshops, conversation circles and consultation groups, for creating and implementing a long-term community engagement plan that includes consistent and effective communication, engagement, and participation in community building processes and supporting an inclusive community. Will also be performing coordinator related duties as required. 

Visual/digital Storytellers

The visual/digital storyteller is required to have fluent digital and social media skills (videography and editing would be asset).  We need a communicator who can develop characters and find the emotion at the heart of a great story.   You would be required to produce creative storytelling through infographics, presentation visuals, and short videos.  You would be working closely with a team of designers, developers, and strategists to present and articulate stories and ideas.    

 The Purpose of the Fellowship

The Mujtama Project Fellowship Program is designed to build awareness on Access, Equity and Human Rights among newcomers in Toronto, encourage volunteerism and civic engagement within the Arab Community in Canada, with a special focus on seniors.   The program seeks to foster the development of a new generation of researchers, civic engagement leaders and digital storytellers who are interested in working together on community engagement initiatives and develop policy-relevant topics of long-range importance. It strives to promote a new level of collaboration between various community organizations and advancing youth leadership and engagement.

Mentoring, research, professional development and collaboration support to our Fellows is at the core of this program. We will be accepting applications from undergraduates, post graduates and young professionals. The objectives of the program are to design and operate high quality community engagement programs, collecting insightful and fresh data resources, and to build a new collaborative network of community engagement leaders. 

Successful applicants will be those individuals whose work and interests match the program goals. Fellows are expected to demonstrate a six-month commitment to these goals by participating in program activities over the course of the project activation period.

Mujtama Project Fellowship Research Agenda

Research fellow applicants are invited to submit proposals for action based-research in any one or any combination of the themes below. The themes are:

1)            Refugee and Immigrant settlement and social inclusion in Canada - With a focus on language, cultural and social barriers to inclusion and integration within the Arab community. 

2)            Cultural and political pluralism - With a focus on perceptions and understanding of democracy, gender equity and multiculturalism with Arab youth, seniors and newcomers

3)            Barriers to volunteerism and civic engagement - With a focus on seniors, youth and women within the Arab community.

4)            Access and barriers to services - With a focus on social, legal, health and mental health services.  

Across the program's dominant themes, projects should demonstrate important contributions to program/service and/or policy enhancements. Priority is given to research projects that help formulate solutions that promote a more inclusive and respectful Canadian society and the challenges faced by the Arab community in the GTA.

Policy Relevance

The program defines policy-relevant research as the study of existing public policies for the purpose of (a) deepening understanding of those policies and their consequences and (b) formulating more effective policies. All proposals are expected to directly address policy relevance in theme, project description, and project structure.

Contemporary Focus

The program is concerned with present day issues and debates. Thus, proposals in history or with a historical component must demonstrate how the research is specifically intended to inform contemporary concerns.

Fellowship Terms

Terms of the fellowship are flexible and are designed to meet the needs of researchers at different stages in their careers. The program provides Fellows with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 3 months of part-time support over a 24-month period. Fellowship tenure must begin between Aug 1 and Jan 31 2017. Fellowship tenure need not be continuous, but must be concluded within 6 months of initial activation of the fellowship.


The applications are still open. Resume and cover letter must be submitted online HERE For further information, please contact the program director at

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This Fellowship project is in partnership with the Arab Community Centre in Toronto: