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Sarah Hashem: For facilitating entrepreneurial futures

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  Active CAI projects

IRSHAD Mentoring Program:

Funded by The Counselling Foundation of Canada, IRSHAD is a mentorship program with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and perspective from an experienced Canadian-Arab professional in any given field to a less experienced Canadian-Arab professional.

Pathways to Inclusion:

Funded by ESDC, the Pathways to Inclusion projects  aims to increase community participation, leadership and social inclusion of immigrant seniors from Arab backgrounds. This is a seniors-led project, that engages youth and seniors of Canadian Arab backgrounds in undertaking community based action research to increase social engagement, volunteerism and inclusion

Access, Equity and Human Rights (AEHR):

Funded by the City of Toronto, AEHR aims to increase newcomer awareness about their rights and responsibilities in Canada through a series of educational events, group exercises and a bilingual video production led by Canadian Arab youth volunteers. 

Socio-Cultural Mapping of Arab-Canadian Migration:

CAI and social scientists from the University of Waterloo and the University of Montreal, have partnered up for a socio-cultural mapping study that aims to offer insight into the community’s contributions, strengths, gaps and needs.



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